The Orange Empire Extends It’s Tenticles To Detroit

Last night the citizens of Detroit voted for a new head of their city. And these wise citizens elected the greatest of all Syracuse greats, Dave Bing as their mayor. This is the second best thing to happen in Detroit this year (the first being UConn losing in the Final Four).

In all seriousness Bing has a tough road ahead of him. The last mayor resigned and later went to jail for lying in a civil trial regarding an affair with a staffer. Not only that, but apparently the Detroit economy is having a bit of a rough patch. I believe it was in the papers.

By far the best quote about this election:

“I don’t like either one; it’s like tossing a coin. But I’ll give Bing a chance,” Bonnie Brookslee, 78, said after voting.

This sounds like the point guard situation for SU next season. Are we sure Bonnie Brookslee isn’t really Jim Boeheim?

So Syracuse now can claim both the Mayor of Detroit and the Vice-Presidency as it’s own. Maybe if our favorite lawyer/blogger gets his act together, he can take over the vacant seat on the Supreme Court.


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