Meet a Candidate: Kevin Rogers

A full rundown of the candidates can be found here.

Kevin Rogers

rogers2006-present Minnesota Vikings (Quarterbacks)
2002-2005 Virginia Tech (Quarterbacks)
1999-2001 Notre Dame (Offensive Coordinator/QB)
1997-1998 Syracuse (Offensive Coordinator)
1995-1996 Syracuse (Assistant Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator)
1991-1994 Syracuse (Quarterbacks)
1983-1990 Navy (Offensive Assistant)

Who is he?: Rogers is a former SU assistant who is currently the quarterbacks coach with the Minnesota Vikings. Rogers held a variety of jobs while at Syracuse from 1991-1998, coaching the quarterbacks, serving as recruiting coordinator and assistant head coach, and finishing up as offensive coordinator. Rogers star pupil during his time with the Orange was three-time Big East Offensive Player of the Year, Donovan McNabb.

After leaving Syracuse to become Bob Davie’s offensive coordinator at Notre Dame, followed by a stint at Virginia Tech as quarterbacks coach.

What does he bring to the job?: Rogers, much like Steve Addazio, is a link to the 1990s glory under Paul Pasqualoni. His offenses at Syracuse were very good and he helped develop some great Orangemen into futer NFL stars. Rogers has strong credentials as an offensive coach and would be one of the better tutors for whomever ends up quarterbacking the Orange next season and beyond.

Why wouldn’t he be a good fit?: Rogers has no previous head coaching experience, something that is almost a prerequisite at this point. While he has a great Syracuse past, he hasn’t been around upstate New York since Donovan McNabb left, and has been out of the college game for three years. It has to be hard for someone like that to gain a footing in recruiting.

While Rogers now has pro coaching experience, do we really want a guy who’s star pupil in the NFLhas a career 68.6 rating and was benched for Gus Frerotte?

What are his chances?: Not that great. At least, I hope not that great. Rogers is fairly unimpressive compared to the other candidates. He hasn’t been at Syracuse for a decade, has been out of the college game for the past three years, and has had limited success as a pro quarterback. He might be a good offensive coach and could be a good college offensive coordinator, but he wouldn’t be a good choice as the next head coach at Syracuse.


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