Meet a Candidate: Steve Addazio

This is a continuing look at the candidates for the Syracuse Head Coaching job. A full rundown of the candidates can be found here.

Now we take a look at current Florida assistant and former Syracuse assistant Steve Addazio.

Steve Addazio

addazio2008-Present Florida (Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line)
2005-2007 Florida (Tight Ends)
2004 Indiana (Offensive Coordinator)
2002-2003 Indiana (Offensive Line)
1999-2001 Notre Dame (Offensive Line/Tight Ends)
1995-1998 Syracuse (Offensive Line)

Who is he?: Addazio is the Assistant head coach and offensive line coach at Florida, where he previously served as tight ends coach. Addazio was an offensive line coach at Syracuse under Paul Pasquoloni, before following Kevin Rogers to Notre Dame, and then moving on to Indiana.

Addazio has been publicly recommended to Daryl Gross by a group of former SU football players, led by Rob Konrad.

What does he bring to the job?: Addazio brings a breadth of offensive experience, especially as an offensive line coach. He would be a link Daryl Gross desperately needs to the former players who were angered by Paul Pasquoloni’s dismissal, if only to get them to stop publicly scrutinizing the program.

Addazio’s ties to Syracuse (and Northeast recruiting) would be beneficial to rebuilding the program.

Why wouldn’t he be a good fit?: Addazio has never been a head coach, and has been away from the Northeast for a decade. The lack of head coaching experience is the biggest problem in his candidacy. At this point I almost feel like this is a prerequisite.

What are his chances?: Not good. As I wrote before, I think Addazio isn’t the right fit. The lack of head coaching experience is the first problem. The second is the fact that I’m more impressed by his fellow Florida assistant, Dan Mullen. From the outside looking in there is no way to know who is more responsible for the success with the Gators, but I’m tempted to say Mullen. I also don’t think Gross will cave to the pressure of the Syracuse football alumni. The more important thing is getting the right guy, and I don’t see it with Addazio.


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