I Guess Notre Dame Did Beat Us In Something

A friend sent me a link from Doug Drinen’s Blog on Pro-Football-Reference.com that caught my eye. Doug ranked NCAA football programs on the accomplishments of their alumni accomplishments in the NFL. Syracuse came in at number nine overall. Surprisingly no players that were ever coached by Greg Robinson made the list.

The top ten and some of their highest rated players:

  1. USC (Junior Seau, Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen)
  2. Notre Dame ( Joe Montana, Tim Brown, Ricky Watters)
  3. Miami (Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, Edgerrin James)
  4. Tennessee (Peyton Manning, Reggie White)
  5. Ohio State (Eddie George, Cris Carter)
  6. Pitt (Dan Marino, Tony Dorsett, Curtis Martin)
  7. Penn State (Franco Harris, Jack Ham)
  8. Michigan (Tom Brady, Dan Dierdorf, Ty Law)
  9. Syracuse (Marvin Harrison, Jim Brown, Donovan McNabb)
  10. Georgia (Fran Tarkenton, Champ Bailey)
Two of the best Syracuse NFLers.

Two of the best Syracuse NFLers.

Doug thinks Syracuse might have the best offense might be the best of the bunch, and the skill position guys alone are quite impressive:

QB: McNabb

RB: Brown, Larry Csonka

WR: Harrison, Art Monk, John Mackey, Rob Moore

It’d be interesting if these were actual teams. We could probably trade Floyd Little (our 3rd RB according to Doug) for some help on the d-line or secondary. Other than Rob Burnett there isn’t much to write home about on the defense. Although as Doug points out, Dwight Freeney and Keith Bulluck are making up ground in a hurry.


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