Generic Thanksgiving Post

It’s that time of year again. No, not the time for you to go home for a few days and get hammered drunk with your friends on a Wednesday night while running into every person you ever went to high school with and having awkward forced conversations with people you haven’t seen in 5 years. It’s actually the time for sports journalists to write generic “What I’m thankful for this year” columns. And since I’m as unoriginal and unimaginitive as all of them (even though I’m not even close to being a journalist-in case you were confused), here is my list of “What I’m thankful for as a Syracuse fan”. Enjoy.

I’m thankful for the Marvins-Harrison and Graves-for being the first players I watched in person that made me say “Wow”. I’m thankful that the first game I went to was Oklahoma in 1994, and I’m also thankful I didn’t even remember what the outcome was until I looked it up this morning (now I’m kind of sad). I’m thankful for Otto still being around. Being the Wolfpack would have been lame.

Maybe the greatest thing to be thankful for in Orange history...

Maybe the greatest thing to be thankful for in Orange history...

I’m thankful for the 1998 football season, even the Tennessee and Florida losses. That team was fun to watch and frankly the best I’ve ever seen in person. I’m thankful that Donovan McNabb stayed for his senior year and gave us “The Puke Drive“. Watching him was pure bliss.

I’m thankful for players like Kirby Dar-Dar, Pat Woodcock, Quinton Spotwood and Sir Mawn Wilson for having hillarious sounding names. I’m also thankful for all the good players we’ve had: Dwight Freeney, Kevin Johnson, Rob Konrad, Walter Reyes, Keith Bulluck, Donovan Darius, Tebucky Jones and others too many to name.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thankful for the Troy Nunes era. As well as the R.J. Anderson era. But not the Perry Patterson era.

I’m very thankful for Sunday November 16th, 2008. I’m also thankful that Curtis Brinkley, Arthur Jones and the rest of this year’s football team never gave up. And I’m thankful for our win over Notre Dame. Fuck Notre Dame.

I’m thankful for James Arthur Boeheim (as well as Juli Boeheim). I’m thankful for the 1996 Final Four run and John Wallace. I’m thankful for Lawrence Moten and his socks (which made me wear high socks throughout my undistinguished 7th-10th grade basketball career). I’m thankful for  point guards like Sherman Douglas, Pearl Washington, Jason Hart, Laz Sims and Allen Griffin. I’m thankful for the 2000 team (one of my all-time favorites) with Hart, Damone Brown, Ryan Blackwell and Etan Thomas.

I’m thankful for Billy Celuck, Craig Forth and Jeremy McNeil, for making me appreciate Etan Thomas, Otis Hill and Arinze Onuaku. I’m also thankful for Josh Pace’s floater, Hakim Warrick’s dunks, Gerry McNammara’s threes, and Jesse’s story about Keuth Duany.

I’m thankful for Syracuse 81-Kansas 78. I’m thankful for The Block and Kansas’ inability to make free throws. I’m thankful for Gerry McNammara and his run through the Big East Tournament.

I’m thankful for Carmelo K. Anthony.

I’m thankful for Jonny Flynn being the fastest player I’ve seen in an Orange uniform. I’m thankful for Paul Harris being the best defensive back on campus, Devo never shutting up, Onuaku’s development, Andy Rautins faux-hawk and The Waffle.

I’m thankful for the 300 level football season tickets my father has had for over a decade. My brother and I went to countless games and always had a blast. I’m also thankful we moved from our 100 level seats behind the endzone opposite the band. We had the bad luck to sit next to a fan that looked like what my brother and I imagined Hitler would look like if he didn’t kill himself, relocated to central New York and decided to scream at Paul Pasquloni every Saturday. Scared the living shit out of me.

I’m thankful for my grandma bringing me the Post-Standard’s basketball preview every Thanksgiving. I’ll be sad when I don’t get it this year.

I’m thankful for the other blogs that provide great content and make me laugh on a daily basis (they are all on the right hand side of the page. Please read them as they are better than me and post much more frequently). I’m also thankful that Bud Poliquin is a cranky old bastard (and to an extent, Donnie Webb). I am thankful for the coverage Mike Waters and Donna Ditota (as well as Kim Baxter before she left) provide on

I’m thankful for the Carrier Dome and the countless number of car accidents I’ve almost caused on 81 while staring at it.

Lastly, I’m thankful for sports. Without you, myself (and I’m guessing anyone reading) would have a lot less fun and would probably have to care about our families, friends and pesky little things like world peace and solving the energy crisis a little more. Thanks for being an escape from everyday life. Except when my teams lose. Then I fucking hate you.


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