Only Syracuse Football Could Make Megan Fox Less Attractive To Me…

As I was doing my grocery shopping late last week, I stumbled into the magazine aisle. This seemed like as good a place as any to find some bathroom reading material, so I started perusing the shelves looking for anything that caught my eye.

If you think this post was an excuse to run this picture you are 100% correct.

If you think this post was an excuse just to run this picture you are 100% correct.

Of course, as a red-blooded American male, hot chicks usually catch my eye. And this shopping trip did not provide an exception. My pupils focused in on this months issue of Maxim, where my gaze was met by the beautiful Megan Fox of Transformers/hottest chick alive fame who was hiding her “bare” assets with what would charitably be described as a pillow case. Needless to say, I immediately bought the magazine.

What does this have to do with Syracuse you might be asking? Well, directly above Miss Fox’s cover photo was a headline advertising the 10 worst teams in college football. I’ll give you two guesses as to which Big East team is included in the rankings.

Done? Did you even need the second guess?

Yup, we made another bottom ten list! Syracuse was ranked as the second worst program in the country. Now, I have no idea what qualified a team for this list as Maxim was kind enough not to tell me, but overall crapocity (could be a made up word) is probably a key component. It is all BCS schools as well, so obviously that is a qualification.

The list featured a lot of the teams you would expect to find on there such as Baylor and Iowa State. But it is pretty obvious this was written before the season started, or else we’d be number one (since Maxim is a monthly magazine there is no doubt it was written well before October). Many teams on the list have gotten off to very good starts this season and probably wouldn’t be considered in the bottom ten anymore. Syracuse on the other hand would.

The top bottom ten:

  1. Duke
  2. Syracuse
  3. Stanford
  4. Baylor
  5. Iowa State
  6. Minnesota
  7. Washington State
  8. Vanderbilt
  9. Mississippi
  10. Notre Dame

Duke is off to a 3-2 start and just missed starting 4-0; Syracuse we are all well aware of; Stanford beat USC last year and is 3-3 this season. Jim Harbaugh has them going in the right direction; Baylor has at least beaten a D1-A team this year, something SU has not. They also took UConn down to the wire on the road; Iowa State is 2-3 but avoids Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech in conference play; Minnesota is 5-1 but faced a very weak schedule (but as an SU fan, I’d take 5-1 anyway I could get it); Washington State is even more screwed up then we are (down to their 3rd and 4th string QBs); Vandy is 5-0; Houston Nutt has Mississippi at 3-3 and upset Florida recently; Notre Dame is 4-1 and will probably make a bowl game.

So hey, I guess there is time left for Syracuse to turn it around like many of the teams on this list have. But my guess is that it probably won’t happen starting this week.


One response to “Only Syracuse Football Could Make Megan Fox Less Attractive To Me…

  1. I’m looking forward to Jennifer’s Body. Megan had no real meaty scenes in How to lose friends and alienate people. And in Transformers she was pretty much mute.

    Shes also up for the role of Leila in Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin.
    She would be a perfect Wonder Woman thought! :-)

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