Penn State Thoughts

Well that was about what we all expected, no? Actually, I thought that Syracuse was going to lose by 62 so I guess I should be happy by the result. But like any other longtime Cuse fan, I’m not.

This is how most Syracuse fans are feeling.

I grew into my Syracuse fandom after the Syracuse-Penn State rivalry ended. The only thing I knew about it was what I had heard from others who were around during the rivalry- they used to be our biggest rivals, Joe Pa is a jerk, and the rivalry ended when PSU asked for more home games. My father has a video yearbook of the 1987 team, and my brother and I wore that thing out we watched it so much. One of the best highlights was the 48-21 Syracuse win that broke PSU’s 16 game winning streak. I was three when that game took place, but I watched that thing so many damn times I felt like I was at the game.

When I heard Syracuse was going to be playing Penn State again I was excited (I don’t remember when they announced it, but I’m sure it was at the end of Coach P/beginning of G-Rob. Anyone know exactly?) I felt that we might be ready in time to get revenge on Joe Pa for trying to squeeze us all those years ago. At the very least we could possibly reignite one of the dormant Eastern football rivalries.

But as we all know things have not turned around at SU. The team is still struggling and there is no hope for much improvement this year. Penn State has had some down moments in the recent past, but are a top 20 team this year with a chance at winning the Big Ten.

As painful as this weekend was for us SU fans, I imagine it was even worse for the administration. A football movie gets made about one of our most storied football players and the program is in the dumps. With alumni and Hollywood in town for the premier of “The Express”, Syracuse got run over by their former rivals. They were outmatched and outplayed for 60 minutes. What should have been one of the most memorable weekends in Syracuse football history turned into another route that has become the norm under Greg Robinson.

This can’t sit well with Nancy Cantor and Daryl Gross. The heat is going to turn up very soon (as if Robinson wasn’t already on a “hot” seat) and it will be interesting to see how this situation is handled. All I know is that it is embarrassing to be a Syracuse fan right now. Unless the team goes on a miraculous run -including avoiding an upset next week against Northeastern- it is likely that there is only one solution.

And then we have to somehow put our faith back in Daryl Gross’s hands.

I’ll be back later this week with some video analysis of this game and a preview of Northeastern. Try to enjoy some NFL football the next couple days to take your minds off of this situation.


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