Welcome To The Neighborhood

I prefered Kazaam

I prefered "Kazaam"

There are a ton of great Syracuse blogs out there, and frankly most of them are better than this one. But I wanted to take a minute to welcome an old friend of mine to the party. His name is Jesse and he just started his Orange tinted blog, “Tell Me How My Orange Tastes.” He’s the only friend of mine who has been to as many SU football games as me, and I’m still not quite over the fact that he got his picture taken with Donovan McNabb on the field while I was stuck up in the 300 level. But at least I got the phone number of the 16 year old girl who worked at the Carrier Dome Burger King, so I guess it all evens out.

Jesse will be providing his own unique commentary for all of us to enjoy, including some collaboration with this site. So stop by to his site and say hi to him. Just don’t pull a Kobe and mention him to the cops.


2 responses to “Welcome To The Neighborhood

  1. Spot-On Spotwood

    Thanks for the love, Matt, but don’t be too jealous. I wasn’t on the field for the picture. I was outside the Dome when I hunted him down for a pic and autograph following the Orangemen breaking off their collective foot in Miami’s ass in 1998. What a great day.

  2. I’m still going to hate you for a long, long time.

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