Syracuse Is Top 10 In Something today released numbers 20-11 in their “Prestige Programs” list and Syracuse was absent. Big East teams Cincinnati (19) and Louisville (16) were joined by Mighigan State (11), Oklahoma (12), and Indiana (13-in your face Keith Smart) in this batch of the rankings.

ESPN researcher Nick Loucks, who helped put together the rankings, had this to say about Syracuse’s ranking:

    Syracuse was certainly a beneficiary of no losing seasons… Most of the teams revealed today between 11 and 20 had multiple losing seasons.

Syracuse, UConn and Georgetown are all that remain from the Big East. Having 30% of the top ten is impressive. And when you add in Cincy and Louisville the Big East has 25% of the top 20. I expected Syracuse to be anywhere from 15th to 8th. The final ten schools will be revealed tomorrow.


2 responses to “Syracuse Is Top 10 In Something

  1. What’s going to be sad is finding SU absent from the top 10 because they just completely forgot about us…..

  2. Or they penalize us for our inability to win more than 4 football games in a season.

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