A Brief Introduction…

The greatest "sounds like he's from England" player in Orange history.

Welcome to “The Orange Report” (which is the only stupid name I could come up with). This blog will basically take a look at the Orange through a statistical point of view. I’ll be using video analysis to talk about trends or stats that don’t appear in an average box score.

Who am I? Well I am Sir Mawn Wilson (not the real one). I am a lifelong Syracuse fan who will be writing about Syracuse football and basketball for the foreseeable future. Why Sir Mawn Wilson? Well, quite honestly, I was about ten years old when he was a senior at SU, and my brother and I would laugh everytime he caught a pass. And I guess it is still funny to me all these years later. I have been a Syracuse fan for as long as I can remember, and have attended and seen too many SU football and basketball games to count. I currently live in the middle of Connecticut, and could not have more contempt for the UConn fans I am constantly surrounded by. Anyways, I hope you’ll find my analysis informative. Sometimes I’ll try to be funny. But don’t hold that against me. And if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, leave them in the comments section on here, or feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for reading. Go Orange!


10 responses to “A Brief Introduction…

  1. I feel you on the living in CT and hating UConn thing. Welcome to the Orange Blogisphere!

  2. Hi and welcome to the club…. SU blogland could use a stathead. And I’m excited that you seem to be able to write in complete, grammatically correct, well-punctuated sentences. (But maybe that’s just me.)

  3. Ouch, living in enemy territory. Must be brutal. Nice looking blog though, I’ll add it to my link list.

  4. Looking forward to your blog. Good luck

  5. I used to live in CT and work in Hartford. I moved to Springfield and go to school there now. I still visit friends in Storrs pretty regularly though. Starting some shit is always a good time.

  6. I guess that means we’re drinking heavily in a parking lot before the next UConn/’Cuse basketball game.

  7. Welcome aboard, all we want to know is, have you punched a Husky fan today.

  8. no I haven’t punched one today. I think HR would frown upon that.

  9. Also a SU fan living in the wonderful state of CT and share your contempt for UConn fans!

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